10-Days / 9 Nights / 7-Days of Driving

Luxury Tour

On this the most luxurious of our 4WD tours we explore the central parts of Colombia in top of the line 4WD trucks like the Toyota 4Runner or Prado’s, we stay in cosy boutique hotels and visit tons of amazing points of interest. They include the hot springs and waterfall in Santa Rosa de Cabal, the monolith rock in El Penol, Pablo Escobar’s old ranch and the hippo’s who he brought in from Africa. We do a day of sightseeing in metropolitan city Medellin and enjoy incredible scenery in the mighty Andes Mountains.

We use about 80% paved roads on this tour to make sure the ride is as comfortable as possible while still reaching off the beaten track destinations where no other means of transport will take you. There are minor sections of dirt roads, but with the comfort of our top of the line 4WD trucks you will be floating right across the rougher sections. We stay in the best hotels available with focus on boutique, smaller cosy and well located with all the services that you will need to enjoy your stay. The trip is ideal for couples wanting to see the authentic rural side of Colombia that due to its rough past has stayed almost untouched by tourism. Temperatures varies a lot from around 10 degrees celsius in high altitudes to 35 in the lowlands.

Get Ready!

Best 4WD tour in Colombia

This Colombia adventure is sure to be a remarkable experience that will stay with you for years to come.

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  • November 20, 2018