10-Days / 9-Nights / 7-Driving Days

5-Days Off-Road

This tour is for real adventurous travelers. It’s a rough, tough and incredibly revitalizing journey into the unknown. We go where no one else goes – where the cell signal ends. The Guajira desert is the least developed area of Colombia with next to no infrastructure. We circumnavigate the entire peninsula and experience a real desert and its original inhabitants – the Wayuu tribe who for centuries fought off the spanish conquistadors. We eat fresh lobster and enjoy the Caribbean beaches as we overland in strong 4×4 Toyota trucks!

2 days of paved roads along Colombia’s Caribbean coast line, 5 days of desert offroad. Spectacular barren desert landscapes, virgen beaches and sand dunes. We stay in nice hotels 4 nights and very basic accommodation 5 nights in cabin style huts with one night in hammocks. Sporadic cell signal and almost no internet signal for 5 days of the trip. This trip is for travelers that are not afraid to take shower from a bucket and enjoy a fireplace at night rather than a blasting TV. Temperatures up to 100F – 40C. Air condition in trucks, but not in cabin accommodation. An experience for true adventurous travelers!

Get Ready!

Best 4WD tour in Colombia

This Colombia adventure is sure to be a remarkable experience that will stay with you for years to come.

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  • December 20, 2018